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Eric Ortner of Ortner Graphics has more than 20 years experience creating logos for both fortune 500 companies and fledgling small businesses. This past work has allowed Ortner Graphics to streamline the creative process. In addition it gives you an unbeatable price for the creation of the primary element for your identity system, your logo.

Working directly with an experienced art director has a serious advantage over working with a large ad agency. In most agency environments you are giving your direction to an Account Executive who it turn gives your direction to a Creative Director, who finally gives your direction to a graphic designer or art director. This many hands in the creative process tends to slow everything down and leave your initial direction lost in translation. When you work with Ortner Graphics your direction goes straight to the source, a highly experienced art director. View more pastwork samples here.

Here Are the Steps
of the Logo Design Process

Step 1. Consultation
The initial consultation is free and in most cases can be conducted as a conference call. During this call we determine what is required of your logo to reflect the vision of your company. This helps ensure that there is a firm understanding of what you need your logo to portray. At the end of the consultation you will be given an estimated turn-around time along with a price quote. This may vary depending on the scale and scope of your logo design.

Step 2. Initial Design Compositions
Following the initial consultation a minimum of three logos will be created reflecting the concepts that were discussed in the initial consultation. In some cases more logo designs will be created, but a minimum of three design options is guaranteed.

The initial logo designs will be created entirely in black and white using Adobe Illustator software. Color is not added to a logo design until the final stage of the process. The prevailing theory in logo design is that if a logo does not work in black, it is not a versatile design. There are many times in the use of your company's mark when it will need to be used as one color. A few examples include black and white print ads, merchandise, and promotional items. Therefore it is important to have a logo that is readable and elegant when viewed simply in black. In most cases the proof of these initial three black logo designs will be emailed to you. You will then have the opportunity to reflect on these initial designs.

Step 3. Design Refinement
After reviewing the initial design compositions you have the opportunity to provide the feedback as to what you like or possibly don't like about each logo option. You can provide your feedback either via email or over the phone. At this point you may want to consider seeing what the various options look like in color. You may also want to combine elements of one design option with another. You may even have a brain storm about an entirely new design form. Following this second composition, Eric Ortner will take your feedback and bring your logo design to it's final stage.

Step 4. The Final Design
In most cases in logo design at this point we will have reached a final design that you feel confidently portrays what your business is all about. At this point you will be supplied with a Vector EPS, along with Hi-Res and Low-Res JPEGs of your final logo in color and black and white. You should keep these files in a safe place and probably back them up on multiple CDs. You will then be able to provide these files to the print and web vendor of your choice for use in the layouts of your various marketing collateral. An invoice will be sent to you for the amount agreed upon in the initial consultation.

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