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Feist Performs at Tarrytown Music Hall with Special Guest Kevin Drew

Eric Ortner had the opportunity to work as the official photographer for the Feist concert at Tarrytown Music Hall on Thursday, April 10, 2014. The show opened up with Kevin Drew who performed on guitar and piano. Kevin founded the band Broken Social Scene, but at this performance he worked solo. He sang several songs […]

Sunset Photos of Bannerman’s Castle in the Hudson River

Most people living in the Hudson Valley are familiar with the majestic treasure of Bannerman’s Castle. This romanticized castle sits on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River a bit North of Cold Spring, New York. It was built by Francis Bannerman VI between 1901 and 1918 when he died. Following his death the structure withstood […]

Clearwater Music Festival Sunset Photographs

Being a great musician has its benefits. One recent perk was the opportunity to attend the Clearwater Music Festival on June 15, 2013. My comp passes came complete with backstage camping right on the Hudson River. Although the music was certainly great, the visual artist in me always keeps an eye out for opportunities to […]