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Graphic Design in the USA Buy Local!

I just got off the phone with a potential client who was looking into rebranding his textile company. He was planning on selling the company in two years and wanted to freshen up its image to make it more attractive to prospects. That’s a really smart move! However, by the end of the conversation I […]

Clearwater Music Festival Sunset Photographs

Being a great musician has its benefits. One recent perk was the opportunity to attend the Clearwater Music Festival on June 15, 2013. My comp passes came complete with backstage camping right on the Hudson River. Although the music was certainly great, the visual artist in me always keeps an eye out for opportunities to […]

Mountain Lake Estates Real Estate New Development Sign

It is always so exciting when you unexpectedly run into one of your old designs on the street. While driving some back roads through Orange County, New York  to go to the Shawangunks this morning for a hike, I stumbled upon a project I worked on in the fall of 2010. It was some signage […]

Wall Street Journal Luxury Real Estate Insert

Art Direction process for the cover of a Wall Street Journal catalog insert. launches Design of the Times Web Log in 3.0

This is an introduction to the Design of the Times web log overviewing the anticipated direction and goals of the weblog.