Feist Performs at Tarrytown Music Hall with Special Guest Kevin Drew

Eric Ortner had the opportunity to work as the official photographer for the Feist concert at Tarrytown Music Hall on Thursday, April 10, 2014.

The show opened up with Kevin Drew who performed on guitar and piano. Kevin founded the band Broken Social Scene, but at this performance he worked solo. He sang several songs on guitar before moving over to Piano. He then finished his set on guitar.

Feist started her set at approximately 9 p.m.   She is clearly a seasoned professional and demonstrated this by the way she opened her set. She started off testing Tarrytown Music Hall’s resonance by singing some ethereal moans through a great vocal looping effect. The crowd loved it and she then added a few notes on the guitar before she moved onto a new song. Feist performed using two different guitars, an acoustic and an electric. which provided for varied sound textures. Her mastery of guitar and vocal effects were quite apparent throughout her performance.

Kevin Drew was also no stranger to guitar effects. It seemed that he had his acoustic guitar rigged through some sort of midi processor backing several of his songs with an orchestra section. This produced a great auditory effect.

Perhaps the highlight of the performance was in the encore when Feist and Kevin sang a duet together with Kevin at the Piano. Feist proceeded to sit onto the piano and rolled around on it. The performance was actually pretty hot visually and their voices blended together beautifully. Kevin tenderly lifted her off the piano after the song.

Eric Ortner shot the performance with a Nikor 80-200 mm zoom lens with a 2.8 apature. The aperture was left wide open for the entirety of the performance. The F-Stops used in the photos above ranged between .5 seconds and 1/125 of a second. The camera was rested on a mono-pod to maximize stability and maneuverability so as to reduce shake from the lens. This proved to be a great show and wonderful experience.

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