OrtnerGraphics.com launches Design of the Times Web Log in OrtnerGraphics.com 3.0

After working professionally in the field of visual communications for the past fourteen years I am pleased to post the first blog entry in the brand new Design of the Times Blog. As I’ve been working on the design of this blog, and the whole of the third redesign and launch of OrtnerGraphics.com, I’ve established a tentative strategy for this web log. The ultimate goal is quite simple; to keep a running weekly tally of the best work that I produce.

Looking back on the past fourteen years of professional experience, I’ve found that I barely remember the majority of projects that I’ve worked on. My hope is that this blog platform will aid me in inspiration for future projects, and help to keep me from slipping into similar pitfalls of past projects.

I believe that as the field of graphic design continues to evolve it will be interesting to watch design trends and techniques emerge through this weekly catalog of work. My goal is to only include my own creations or possibly the work of my subordinates. However, I may also include designs that I deem to be especially revolutionary regardless of their creator.

The type of design work that I expect to publish in this site will be primarily graphic in nature and I anticipate that it will include:

  • Logos
  • Layouts
  • Illustrations
  • Photographs
  • Websites
  • Flash Banners
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video
  • Discussion on Branding and Brand Strategy

My plan is to include some textual explanation along with the specific examples in order to examine the overall marketing strategy of the piece. In some cases where there is an interesting design process I may also include the proofs that lead up to the final approved design.

In short, I’m really looking forward to discovering where this blog forum on the world wide web takes me. ¬†Thanks for your interest in my work!

So without further ado, let me introduce the First Design of the Times.

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