Direct Mail Anniversary Card Using Variable Data

Anniversary Card Direct Mail Variable Data

Anniversary Card commemorating the purchase of home, which utilizes variable data for both the client and real estate agent.

Here’s an interesting concept for the use of variable data with direct mail as a way to maintain a continued relationship with past customers. The anniversary card design is a great tool for keeping your business in the minds of your old clients. In this example, which was designed for Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, the anniversary of a home purchase is commemorated. However, this same concept could be useful as marketing collateral to remind past customers about any big ticket purchase such as a car or appliance.

Because this example commemorates a home purchase, an elegant anniversary card graphic was created. It utilizes Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty’s standard green branding spot color and what could be considered a typical scrolling, flower motif on the front cover. While the inside of the card utilizes variable data printed in four color on a digital press.

On the inside of the card, variable data consisting of the Real Estate Agent’s photo and contact information is printed on the left side.  The inside right panel of the anniversary card uses variable data of the client’s name giving the direct mail piece a vPery personalized appearance.

To minimize production costs, only the inside of the card is produced using a variable, digital press. The outside of the card is printed on a traditional offset press and left un-scored or folded. The print vendor then stores these shells and prints the variable agent and client data as the anniversary date arrives. The print vendor and mailing house also produces a personally addressed, envelope and then stuffs and fulfills the mailing.

The beauty of this project is that it is a drip campaign that essentially maintains itself using a minimal amount of information. All that is required is a database of the sales staff that maintains their contact information, a corresponding photo, and a list of the names and addresses of their past clients. This data is then fed to the print vendor and mailing house with next to no intervention from you. Just imagine the possibilities of this project for your retail business.

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